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"Metta is owned by Liz Sawyer, who specializes in using cupping therapy and other techniques to do a really great massage. I have lymphedema from cancer surgery as well as scar tissue which was tight. Liz has worked on both on a regular basis and I cannot believe how much better I feel overall. I also have her do a hot stone massage and try out other specials she has from time to time, like foot massages. I love how intuitive she is, finding sore spots I can't quite locate, and in general making each massage a very healing and special interaction. She is very kind and friendly and I would not trade her for the world! I did not intend to use massage on a regular basis but the benefits are so great that I put it in my budget and make sure I can afford to go see her every other week. Great work, Liz!"   ~ Catherine S.

"If you are looking for deep tissue massage, she's your girl.  She quickly discovers and treats your knots and scar tissue with traditional deep tissue massage and with vacuum cups."   ~ Allen G.

"Liz is one of the few massage therapists I've used that has truly helped release the muscles from shoulder impingement and lowered the level of stress and tightness in my muscles.  She's a keeper!"   ~ Sara V.

"Liz Sawyer is very professional. She talked with me to learn what problems I have and discussed with me how she could help. I have returned for 4 sessions at a very reasonable fee and she has helped resolve my aches. I will continue to use her service. I highly recommend her."   ~ Rich M.

"My first appointment was wonderful. Liz took me in a little early, took my history and listened to my concerns. She made me feel like there was no rush and took the time to listen and make me feel comfortable and relaxed.
The massage work was expert and intuitive. She was very aware of the pressure she used and responsive to any input I gave her. She used the cups just a little, but they didn't seem to be called for in that session so she went back to traditional bodywork. She incorporates energy work and more subtle modalities such as myofascial release with massage to bring optimum results to my body.
I have continued to work with Liz since then and have experienced reduction in pain and scar tissue as well as deep relaxation and a feeling of well being. 
I highly recommend Metta Massage."   ~ Nancy G.

"It took a while little while to find the place, which Liz had warned me about, but once I did everything went smoothly. Before the massage began, she consulted me as to what I was looking for. She listened intently to everything I asked for, and checked in with me a few times to see how it was going, pressure, etc. The massage was very relaxing and the she had a calming energy about her. It was a great experience and I would definitely go back! I went to Metta Massage & Energy Therapy to relieve some sore muscles from stress. Liz was extremely welcoming and got straight to work."  ~ Denise Y.

"Liz is punctual, informative, and responsive to questions and concerns. I liked the service I received and scheduled more appointments.  I have been to many massage therapists, and she is one of the very best."  ~ Aileen T.

"I have a lot of pain from fibromyalgia and this was very helpful.  I will definitely go back. I tried a cupping massage for first time."   ~ Linda N.

"Very good service, Liz knows all the muscles and pressure points. We worked together to try to find the offending muscles.
Narrowed down to muscles in my left shoulder. Treats my whole upper back as well as the places which cause the most difficulty. She uses a technique called [Massage Cupping Bodywork] as well as traditional downward pressure. The cups create a vacuum that causes outward pressure to be exerted on the muscles. Have damaged ulnar nerve being impinged on by muscle knotty-ness, tightness."  ~ Joe L.

"One of the best massages I have ever had.  Liz explained what she was doing. Answered what I asked and let me just enjoy the massage with no conversation when I wanted.  The stress level and stiffness in my back was very bad.  She addressed that with massage and with the cupping procedure I had never had.  It really works and felt amazing. The office was quiet and clean and easy to find.  Everything was top notch and I didn't feel like I was being rushed in and out.  She took her time and I really enjoyed it ! I will be going back!
A massage is always a treat. But this time,  I had just finished a show for work and had been on my feet for 4 days.  I was so stiff and sore I could hardly move. Communication with Liz was easy and she made every thing very comfortable."  ~ Marionna W.


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